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Vixen News FoxVixen News exists to support the patriotic members of the Trump Base and past President, Donald J Trump. We predict the demise of Fox News as some of them choose to disrespect the President. Mediocre personalities like Cavuto, Wallace, Williams and Shepard Smith will never grace the pages of Vixen News.

We predicted the Fox News decline years ago.
[2023 Update Fox News will drop quicker than Budweiser did after their wokester fiasco]

Why do advertisers continue with Fox when nearly half their “personalities” disrespect the President? Scoffing, sneering and misquoting our President lowers the value of your publication. Shame on y’all!

Typical news production costs have escalated past their value as fake news dominates. The only business model that can compete is by strategic meme. We don’t need unkempt looking fools now, we need real news as only Donald Trump can deliver.

Duck and dodge, head fake the RINOS and DINOS, stymie the lawless, head butt the socialist extremists, to survive the assault on the Constitutional Republic. {Figuratively of course]

2023 Note: Donald Trump did deliver. He was robbed of the election. Jan 6 was a setup that will fully come to light someday. Tucker has exposed more than we had imagined. Let’s Go Brandon

Nov 1, 2021‘Let’s goBrandon’ has exploded on the right, arming cheeky conservatives with a deceptively innocuous cri de coeur that takes sarcastic swings at President Biden and the mainstream media…

Hi there!

Politics have degraded to the point that civil discourse is impossible, voting is rigged and one party rules. Social Media was coerced by the left until Elon Musk purchased Twitter and exposed gov intervention. One party = Banana Republic

…or maybe this:

Hi there, the coming revolution will be preceded by a a civil war. The East and West coasts will be forcibly removed from the nation.

…or maybe this ~ screw with the liberal media until they run out of other people’s money.

Hi there!
Unless President Trump succeeds, this nation and the blessings provided for by the constitution are done. Squandered by lazy, apathetic people, no longer citizens of this great nation.

Term Limits | Balanced Budget | Mandatory Guns in Schools | Have fun! Let’s go Brandon!